Presidio Chapel of San Elizario, San Elizario, TX 

Have begun updating my website again! I’ve begun to include some projects that haven’t been touched in a very long time.
I’ve also brought some film that I got processed before leaving Austin, Hopefully I will get that scanned in soon.


my hard drives and I are reunited once again. Expect a lot of revisited work coming towards you for 2014. 

As I impatiently wait a week to be reunited with my hard drive (to bring some updates), I decided to add a fun page on this blog. 

These are links to some pretty talented people I know and who deserve some recognition. *I’ll be updating it regularly*

Pelvic Bruise, 2013

Itching to photograph again.

It’s been over 6 months since I’ve done something relating to photography. Lately I’ve been messing with some shots I’ve done via my phone. We shall see what happens.

Jackson, 2012 (outtake)

Today I’ve taken a little bit of time to relook at this series of photographs. There are some that need a lot of editing done, but hopefully I can get it done soon enough so that I can post the series on my website. 

The last time my mother dyed her hair, 2012

In my last semester of school I took part of a very challenging class called Enduring Women. It was a hybrid class with photographers and historians where they sent us out to different locations in Texas to interview important women who have had to struggle with keeping their land.
I was fortunate enough to interview and photograph Carmen Cruz from San Elizario, Texas (about 30 minutes from my home). 
As a result of this class we got an exhibition in the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum. Opening night I could not believe that the curators chose the image of the San Elizario Mission to be practically wall sized. 
I was thrilled that Carmen was able to come up to Austin to see this.

If any of you live or plan to visit the central Texas area go and take a look at all the hard work my class and I put into this project.

Enduring Women is on view February 2 - May 19, 2013, in the Albert and Ethel Herzstein Hall of Special Exhibitions. 
More information

I was fortunate enough to get two pieces in to the Student Juried Exhibition at St. Edward’s University. I figured that since it was my last semester I should submit something. 

Here I am featured with works by Daniela Galindo (Top Left), Aaron Reissig (Bottom Left), Brian John (Center), and Javier Aguilar (Top Right)

Abbas & Aven, 2012

Currently so behind on my editing but I finally finished these images taken last December so y’all get to see some of those. Also this has motivated me to keep the ball rolling (yay).